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2年間こういう所に住んだ後、皆がどう考えるのか知りたくて帰っていく隊員達の今後の事をいろいろ聞くことがある。残りあと一年となった今、「帰国してからどうする?」って声が、だんだん大きく重く付きまとう。 でも国際協力に首を突っ込んだ時から考えている自分の身の振り方は今もあまり変わってない。国際協力、開発、援助、平和構築、そういった言葉をこれからも使い続けてたい。 

数年後の自分がこの文章見て、どんな風に見てるのか知りたいところだけど, for now I just need to do what i think the right thing to do and see how it turns out.

Friends of mine, not one but two got married recently. First I found about one of them on Facebook. Then a few days later, I found out about the other one, and I was like "You too!?"
I wouldn't say I'm old but not young neither. Since I've come quite far in terms of places and my status being single and, I am actually getting curious about how far I could go.

Only a week to go for "Japan Festival 2010 in Ethiopia". My fellow volunteers and I have been working on this festival for almost a half year. I am done with my design-related assignments but I've still got to shoot some shots and edit them for making a short movie of the Japanese volunteers. It's by far the biggest events I ever got involved in, and I can't wait to celebrate with my buddies in the end of the day of the festival.

I will be putting up photos of the festival in the next one so please check it out!
by hoop29 | 2010-09-26 02:19